2015-03-05 10:06

Due to the strong interest and large response from abroad, an English issue of the Safety Lifecycle Navigator has now been published for the first time. Already before the SPS/IPC/Drives show in November, 2014, the Safety Alliance had published the German issue of this practice-oriented and easily understandable guide through the safety lifecycle for machine builders.

2013-11-26 09:38

TTTech, the leading supplier of dependable networking solutions based on time-triggered technology and modular safety platforms, has become a member of the Safety Alliance, an association of automation manufacturers, technology and solution providers, specialists and service providers for functional safety technology. TTTech will cooperate with the Safety Alliance to share experience and know how regarding safety-related functions.

2013-09-03 14:16

Programmable safety devices for systems or machines are in keeping with current trends. Therefore, it is important to keep their programming as easy as possible but also in accordance with standards.

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