Safety Lifecycle Navigator

The safety guideline for machine builders

Manufacturers as well as operators of machinery are obliged by EU directives to place only safe products on the market and to provide only safe equipment.

Thus, the goal is clearly described. However, what does the way to this goal look like? Which steps in which direction do I have to take as a mechanical engineer to reach this goal as fast as possible, simply and efficiently?

The processes and steps on the way to the safe machine and its safe operation are described in appropriate standards with standard methods. However, in practice it frequently turns out that the amount of considerations is significant.

A lot of special details have to be considered before the background of experience and expert knowledge and evaluated with regard to the safety of man and environment.

The aim of the Safety Alliance is to provide support for machine builders and operators for the effective and efficient planning, implementation, and application of functional safety technology. Therefore, the experts of the Safety Alliance have developed the Safety Lifecycle Navigator. It describes the shortest route to the destination “safe machine”.

The Safety Lifecycle Navigator shows the complete "route" with all waypoints in clearly arranged form. It describes the prerequisites and results which are assigned to the waypoints and where to go from there. And of course: where you can ask in case of doubt.

Find the shortest way to the safe machine – with the Safety Lifecycle Navigator.

Your safe route to the safe machine
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