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Due to the growing demand for safety-related products and solutions, the importance of safety technology per se as differentiation criterion for system and solution providers decreases. In future more and more companies that have so far worked with standard technology will have to offer safety-related products and solutions.

B&R safety control
Image: B&R

For this reason, the mastering of safety technology will soon no longer be a USP just for specialised system and solution providers.

The commercial opportunities due to the increasing demand are faced with high expenditure with regard to developing safety-related systems and solutions. This will increase even more with the growing complexity.

A necessary reorientation, in particular a new entry into safety technology, is not made easier by this specifically for smaller and medium-sized companies. The competition demands minimizing the time and financial risks in the development and marketing process, so that safety-related products and solutions can be implemented, certified and brought to market competitively and in a timely manner.

By purchasing and integrating manufacturer-independently certified technology components, resources can be relieved and the development of products and solutions can be simplified and accelerated. This applies in particular to technology components which can be integrated into the own technology platform in a modular and scalable fashion and are thus already used in many certified products and solutions in the market – a proven market standard.

Safety controls by Baumüller Nürnberg and Phoenix Contact
Images: Baumüller Nürnberg, Phoenix Contact

Such a market standard is not only well accepted by the end customer, but due to being well known and proven it promotes fast processing of the certification process.

The system and solution providers in the Safety Alliance have recognized this and are successful on the market with respective products.

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