Our Statement on the Safety Alliance

innotec is a member of the Safety Alliance, because safety is important for our life.

About Innotec

Today, manufacturers and users of machines and plants have to fulfill the requirements for safety for human and environmental resources. It is the main task of safety technology to reduce or remove all dangers of a machine.

innotec offers:

  • Consulting
  • education
  • project management
  • assistance during development
  • certification and approval

Consulting, project management, assistance during development:

  • lifecycle model
  • analysis of dangers
  • risk analysis
  • architectures for safety
  • calculation of failure rates
  • design of models
  • structures of organization
  • documentation

Training, certification, approvals:

  • information and mediation of standards
  • introduction to safety technology
  • methods for modeling and calculation
  • methods for hard- and software
  • calculation of failures
  • FMEA and MTBF calculation
  • local area networks
  • certification and approvals in cooperation with TÜV, BG, UL, GL, DNV etc.

innotec GmbH
Heinrich-Wildung-Weg 3
21224 Rosengarten

Dr. Peter Wratil
Managing Director

+49 (0) 4105/1559 - 182

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